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Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead 

Trading is very difficult in range bounds.. Damn… we must try to follow all indicators in shortest Time schedule. Still must try only very small profits compare to trending range markets. I am in favor of trend markets  whether that is bull or bear.

  But  for my favorite commodities here it is..

worst Night mare both are in Range bound so far

 One more

 But Dude copper is out

 So I tried that

Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead

Well  see more

But what to do else

                             Copper is having excellent movements.

Here is LME official price list

 have a look

Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead

Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead


One more for your easy identification

Confirmed for last 3 weeks-    Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead

Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead

Range Bound Market For Zinc And lead

Cheapest And Best Brokers

I have a great list of cheapest and best brokers in India for Nifty/ Sensex and MCX . Here are they.

1) zerodha

2) indiaprocon

3)composite edge

4) vps share



7) achievers

8) wisdomcapital


 More to follow- They are


SAS Online

Shree capital

Alice blue

R K Global

 You can just search each of these in Google and find their websites . Also find their contact details. Contact them before take a decision.  Ask them how much lower they can their brokerage. 


Cheapest And Best Brokers 

     This is the ultimate list. But if you want you can add more.

 I recommend them to any one who ever want to do trading business.. But out of it I personally recommend Zerodha as i my self run accounts for me and many friends in this company. Their online and software platforms are easy to operate while support is also fantastic.


Cheapest And Best Brokers

Cheapest And Best Brokers

Cheapest And Best Brokers

               Are they really cheap. Well that I don’t know but while doing trade with them we have immediate success and great profit than with many high end brokerage firms who eat your profit rather than give you freedom to trade.


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Silver- what to do Buy or sell ?

                 It is new question that makes us think twice.. Do i have to sell silver now.. as prices are too low and I will face lot of loss. Or do I have to buy and keep the silver as it come up in price. 

Though silver had a fairly steady October, holding near the $17.20 mark for much of the month, it took a big hit Thursday due to a stronger US dollar and Wednesday’s “surprisingly hawkish” statement from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), as per Kitco’s Jim Wyckoff.

Silver- what to do Buy or sell ?

  Kitco’s Jim Wyckoff is not so assertive. But he said it in vague manner. 

Kitco’s Jim Wyckoff is just saying in a vague manner but not indicating exactly what to do. Specifically, he states, though the FOMC’s decision to end quantitative easing was expected, its statement “emphasized the improving U.S. economy, which led many to believe U.S. interest rates will be raised in 2015.” That was a blow for those hoping for a “dovish lean” from the committee.


Silver- what to do Buy or sell ?

Silver- what to do Buy or sell ?


Silver- what to do Buy or sell ?

             I am in confusion. Who to follow…

As mentioned, silver closed Thursday at $16.46; earlier in the day it hit $16.33, its lowest price since March 2010. So personally I suggest to get rid of your silver stocks. The indication is it can travel new lows…


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