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US Attack on Syria – What will happen to world financial systems/

 US used Cruise missiles  – tomahawk missiles- to attack Syrian Air base which they believe the base stand for Syrian attack on own people using chemical weapons.  The truth is cleared in this stage to

US attack on Syria? what will happen now

US attack on Syria? what will happen now

this maximum.. US needs more to show off their power on all of their opposite adviseries including Russia and hope this will make their mouth shut

But Russia is responding by placing their naval forces between US warships and Syria to thwart any more possible attack and the development of certain moves may cause a confrontation between 2 countries. If things go well may be the level of gravity will be reduced and mostly problems will be solved. 

If it escalates more the crude price can jump up and world will be in deadly position  on what may happen to a 3rd world war.

Let us hope for the best and hope tensions will be defused soon in 1 day.

Trade stations- crude gets up then down and up .. now hopefully it may slide down on monday

Indian nifty and bank nifty has own stand in this that trading will be hopefully go further dragged and if things goes ok.. very high move up in stock and index will be witnessed due to the recovery of stocks.

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News on US Job Markets May 6th 2016

News on US Job Markets May 6th 2016

News on US Job Markets May 6th 2016


Much  slowdown is reported  in U.S. hiring  as salaries jumped in  last month –  what the Federal Reserve expected as the economy approaches full employment  as they do not alter interest rates


News on US Job Markets May 6 2016

US  Labor Department urgently reported yesterday 5th of May 2016 that  increase in additional 160,000 jobs   in April, still running short of the 215,000 jobs expected by their research wing by  hoping  of a  excellent rebound in economic system


News on US Job Markets May 6th 2016

   what people think of 
“It’s a touch softer, maybe, than what people were expecting, but I wouldn’t put a lot of weight on it in terms of how it would affect my economic outlook,”  let me quotes words of  Fed President William ( His interview to New York Times)

The Fed  almost told they will increase interest rates in  March  but hopes are limited for only one increase in whole year. 


  SANGEETHA CA  ( Financial Market Analyst ) 

                ( Financial Consultant )

 Posted-    News on US Job Markets May 6th 2016 


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