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US Attack on Syria – What will happen to world financial systems/

 US used Cruise missiles  – tomahawk missiles- to attack Syrian Air base which they believe the base stand for Syrian attack on own people using chemical weapons.  The truth is cleared in this stage to

US attack on Syria? what will happen now

US attack on Syria? what will happen now

this maximum.. US needs more to show off their power on all of their opposite adviseries including Russia and hope this will make their mouth shut

But Russia is responding by placing their naval forces between US warships and Syria to thwart any more possible attack and the development of certain moves may cause a confrontation between 2 countries. If things go well may be the level of gravity will be reduced and mostly problems will be solved. 

If it escalates more the crude price can jump up and world will be in deadly position  on what may happen to a 3rd world war.

Let us hope for the best and hope tensions will be defused soon in 1 day.

Trade stations- crude gets up then down and up .. now hopefully it may slide down on monday

Indian nifty and bank nifty has own stand in this that trading will be hopefully go further dragged and if things goes ok.. very high move up in stock and index will be witnessed due to the recovery of stocks.

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web business ideas

web business ideas


web business ideas


On the off chance that you are hoping to begin your own online business and are hunting down thoughts that you can use in this new pursuit of yours, then you should read whatever remains of this article. When you first start your own business online it can be hard to discover a spot to begin this new business person of yours and can be extremely scary too. Try not to give this a chance to threaten you since discovering basic web business thoughts is unbelievably simple and I am going to examine a few thoughts that you can utilize at this moment in your new online business. 

web business ideas

Making Blogs 

On the off chance that you jump at the chance to talk about various things and like giving individuals valuable data then online journals are the approach. Online journals are incredible to have in light of the fact that they are exceptionally regarded by the web crawlers which permits you to target watchwords and rank high for them. This happens to be a standout amongst the most widely recognized web business thought that has been utilized by numerous web advertisers. There are various stages that you can use for truly no charge and that is incredible for anybody attempting to assemble a business with a low spending plan. You can either make a free blog or you can put a WordPress blog module on a space that you claim also on the off chance that you lean toward this strategy. Here are a few stages that you can join to and make your own particular web journal: WordPress, livejournal, Blogger, Wetpaint, Squidoo, networks, and numerous more that you can discover on the web. You can utilize these online journals to make a pick in rundown, offer items, use AdSense, or some other approaches to profit through your web journals. It’s suggested that you put a module on a space of yours keeping in mind the end goal to have more control of what you need to do. Have a go at utilizing this web business thought and perceive how well you do with it. In the event that it is not suited for you then perhaps member advertising is the thing that you ought to be going for next. 



web business ideas

  More details 

Subsidiary Marketing 

Subsidiary promoting is a prominent type of an online business that you can use in any arrangement. This implies you can be directing people to an associate item from any promoting source, for example, article advertising, your own particular site, a web journal, web 2.0, or some other strategy that you discover reasonable. This web business thought is being use by numerous and with the numerous items that need assistance being advanced by distributers there is a perpetual supply of items to offer. One of the best places to discover awesome items is at ClickBank.com.


web business ideas- Much more details-

This spot click bank is basically for distributers and offshoots that offer and advance just computerized items, for example, participation destinations, ebooks, and programs. You can likewise join to associate destinations that offer physical items too, for example, commission intersection. I like to advance computerized items since it makes it much less demanding to offer as I would see it. 

These are two web business thoughts that you can utilize promptly to begin your own online business.



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