Nifty And Stock trend March 22 2016


 Nifty long or short

  Nifty is still swinging ups even most of its stocks are over sold..

                  there is no meaning for it to go up

   Index is manipulated still showing no sign of extra thickness in abnormality

All counters are weak but index still holds…

             What will happen if this goes up.. I am looking for a deadly crash… 

Investors will lose all they ever gain.. so be careful be on screen go with strict SL. 


Nifty And Stock trend March 22 2016

   As per my calculations the PVV is not positive and volatility is coming less.

                       since the expiry is near the PVV must not be like this.

         Abnormality is here still a thrust and spirit in traders can pull Nifty further up 


 If nifty sustain above 7770- 7790.. can bring it to super heights even to 8000

and if crashes.. there is limit at 7550… if goes below it can crash to 7300

     A panic can pull it to 7100 once again

 So trade in high range of 7800- 7100… be careful. 


Nifty And Stock trend March 22 2016

    What about  STOCKS


Stock that may GO UP-

SBI- State Bank of India Can go up further… very much over  bought and now only way is to go up. The volatility and price action supports that. No bad news for the banking sector. And SBI is a winner any way. Buy SBI and use strict SL 


Stock that may GO DOWN-

 These are my best tips as in  Nifty And Stock trend March 22 2016

Here is my bet

        Sell United Bank of India   it is falling– almost over bought and bank has many problems including in NPA. just don’t forget that – It will go down. 


Target- Nifty And Stock trend March 22 2016

 Cat-  Nifty And Stock trend March 22 2016



Sangeetha C A ( Stock Analyst )

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