Nifty And Stocks Trend March 21 2016

Nifty And Stocks Trend March 21 2016

Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016 

     A complete picture of Nifty and stock tr4ends of this day 


Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016 


Nifty is cruising through very slow and very low movements. The phenomena is still there of high volatility at very low volume. But last week volatility is still 2.8 and daily volatility is just on1.2 The weekly average is far above means the Nifty has better vitality on an average than last trading day. 

The expiry is around the corner indicating the increase of volatile nature of index is assured. The options will be decayed and the course of firing shots will be reduced. The Nifty is drifting to the third phase of its life. Expecting more matured entity with more stable movements. 


Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016


The Nifty movements and possible predictions

The magic line is 7670 and if Nifty sustains above it it can go to 7800 or even for a try to 8000 …- The index can go doan or up any time as the case of volatility can be reduced even at expiry as most of the stocks are near to be over sold situation. Some are even suspecting for a foul Operator play.

Any thing below 7510 and that too some time sustaining there will pull nifty to 7460-70 . and if Nifty is not picking up from there It can crash to 7350- or even below due to high pressure of selling and panic behaviors of stocks selling in Indian markets. 


Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016 

 What about STOCKS

  Stocks likely to go up-

                Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd   –   is my best bet. There are some fantastic good movements in board. The effect will come in days. Mostly today itself. Still trade with small and better stop loss and re enter even stop loss hit.

  Stocks likely to go down

My bet is on  –  Corporation Bank   –  it has very over sold value. The problems of NPA is still there. If that is the condition sudden fall is possible even  up to 2% or more in price is quite natural.

              The whole article is set for understanding the purpose-   Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016


Set –  Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016

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Nifty And Stocks Trend March  21 2016


Sangeetha C.A.

 ( Stock Market Analyst )

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