Nifty & Stock Trend for March1-2016

Nifty has crashed yesterday but recovered.  My god what was your reaction.

 Some of us prayed.. come up boy come up… but some even thought crashhh to even below 6700… well it could have been .. but a sudden purchase came from DII – Domestic institutional investors- then FPI taken over . 


During the process it could manage to penetrate through even most formidable defenses of best traders and trading corporation. The bearish tendency is set.


 will you accept? well you believe that it will recover further more. just imagine if not. money under pressure..


Nifty can be even to 6000 level if not supported by FIIS-  Don’t worry FPI Foreign Portfolio Investors will come for sure to fish in this troubled water.


Nifty analysis is even funnier. Pivot is about 6970. And volatility is back swinging and as per PVV Action the asset is being sold in larger quantity. The indication is nifty can go both ways- both POSITIVE side is always in my mind. 


I believe as you believe. I bet I will buy more than I sell.


Magical point is 7050. If it goes over 7050 it has 60% chances to go beyond 7100. and bumper line is 7150 beyond that a bull trend will be set.


  pray you.. hii a choice open for you… don’t run panic if you feel NO.


On downside if nifty 

goes below 6950 .. humm that is a difficult questions.. it can be next stop at 6920. But if it down to 6845 and stays there for 30 minutes or more it can be crushed to 6800. 


Beyond that level panic sales will be started and tremendous sell pressure will be occurred. So who will be predicting its downfall now. 


Stocks-  WHAT ABOUT Stocks.. please ask me.. I will reply.. 


As per the volatile market and post budget session the certain stocks can go more miles up or down.


Infy- always my eye on you infy… Lol.. but infy  can be crashed if it keeps on its downwards tendency for first hour of market. It has very strong down trend. 


KRBL also has a heavy sell pressure on its stocks.  The possible movement will be even up to 2% for KRBL. Down down .. down.. don’t think this girl has nothing else to tell… wait…


SBI has up trend.. can get back your money if you bet on.  if sustains for 20 to 30 minutes in upwards can go up .. it has high volatility and a big volume stock movement is expected. It can go up. Expected to reach 163  or 164.


Lupin can also be in upwards.. it can go to 1780 even to 1800 level.  BUT don’t be very happy..


PNB is still in negative loop and can crash to 2 points down it can reach 68 or even below if volume shifts fast. If not shifted fast it may sustain.


Cipla also in bad phase can go below 505 and if not supported it can even worst below 500.- NO BET on cipla.. let him drag…


A serious warning for you friends…

Take care while you invest as market is unpredictable, impact of budget is coming up and it will be valued better today than yesterday.



  Sangeetha C.A



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