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Nifty OHHH


 You are @ Zero volume.. still FLICKERING

   To day nifty was doing worst ever… volume was very less… indications was clear manipulation is still there

 Profit booking is going on and nifty is trend to come down.. But some
Vested interests keeping it virtually high in zero volume..

   No sales and buy.. still nifty is LIVE…

         My advice is don’t put head in to morrow 

 still BUY if crosses 7650.. Level… 

   SELL and keep wait if cross down 7400 on down side.





 BUY — my best bet on High volume..

Muthoot Finance Ltd –

You will not regret.. IT WILL GO UP…

                               It is almost going UP use a tight stop LOSS .. drag it UP with rising of STOCK… 


SELL- escorts… That will be going DOWN…

                           But keep a good tight Stop Loss… re enter even if that is hit.

 All ABOUT –


Sangeetha .C.A

       ( Analyst )




Stock trading tips for beginners

Stock trading tips for beginners


Stock trading tips for beginners


The offer exchanging framework eats up an extensive measure of beginning merchant’s money as a result of nonappearance of capital and nonattendance of experience and learning of peril. These kind of risks are unnecessary and can be kept up a key separation from in due time by isolating the baffling data and psyche boggling purposes of enthusiasm of the business division. Exactly when first beginning, it’s hard to hear the right stock trading tips amongst all the chaos and riddle! Here are three of my own best stock trading tips that will keep you on track. 


Stock trading tips for beginners

    More information 

Most importantly else, endeavor to dismiss the latest development and frenzy with respect to hot stock trading tips. Everyone has an inside tip that they got warning from a sidekick of a friend. Do your own investigation to check whether the particular examination part of the business division agrees with what your friend has told you. Do whatever it takes not to allow yourself to end up stirred up in the development and make a move in perspective of someone else’s slant and superstition towards the accompanying hot stock. 


Stock trading tips for beginners

     What is next?
Next, get an unprecedented stock trading preparing. You can do this by examining, watching recordings, and taking online courses. Working together with various specialists is a noteworthy help moreover. A couple stock trading tips will get you in the right setting out toward mastering currency markets, nonetheless you require more than that! Get a not too bad preparing of the business divisions. 


Stock trading tips for beginners

Finally, oust your still, small voice from the numerical proclamation of your trades. Trading is a masterful expression that requires your cerebrum to be unfaltering and free, and feeling and bombastic motivation will keep your ability to trade. Keeping your emotions close by you is the best stock trading tip and bears repeating commonly. This will offer you some help with raking in advantages from the business area instead of unnecessary, pointless setbacks. Hope that this article will help you to be successful and let you know more on Stock trading tips for beginners


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How to earn more profit in intraday trading

How to earn more profit in intraday trading


How to earn more profit in intraday trading


Other than just knowing a huge amount of speculative data about the stock trade, trading and the cash related division; placing assets into stocks moreover requires sensible learning. Non-straight and shaky in nature, it is hard to foresee the future course of the stock trade. Frankly, this very nature of the Indian securities trade is the inspiration driving why it may have sudden ups and lows, influencing amazingly once in a while. The stock estimation of a particular item may switch up or down inside even a lone day and leave specialists in as a rule tight and troublesome decision making circumstances. 


How to earn more profit in intraday trading

     More details 

Day trading the offer exchanging framework suggests taking a particular position in the business areas with the viewpoint of squaring off the position before the end of the day. It goes for advancing worth improvements within one trading day just and is inside and out not the same as theories. The casual speculator, not under any condition like money related experts can simply remain to hold positions for a couple of minutes or minutes; yet he can never grip any position overnight. Moreover, in this procedure for trading; you are protected from any incidents that may happen when the offer exchanging framework is closed. 

There are a colossal number of minimal budgetary masters/agents, specialists, thus on who throng every day, needing to make advantages through intra-day trading. With this kind of trading, the individual gets minute fulfillment – which is a vibe better than average segment for the dealer. He along these lines, feels is in control of his records as he can immediately see his advantages rise. The ethose of this contest is How to earn more profit in intraday trading 

The Indian Commodity Market in a general sense is a screen-based ‘on-line’ backups exchange for trading unmistakable items. Day trading such a business division obliges you to be on your toes, at all times! Day trading requires full center, and the monetary authority needs to dependably be vigilant of currency markets and his property from the opening toll which is at 9 A.M till the end of the trading session at 3.30 P.M. 

How to earn more profit in intraday trading

Some basic intra-day trading tips to twofold your money include: 

Placed assets into simply those zones where you can AFFORD to lose: Riskier than placing assets into stocks, intra-day trading passes on a goliath measure of threats. It is basic to practice alarm and prudence while trading, and simply those wholes should be placed assets into where you can truly remain to lose. In a matter of two or three minutes, any startling advancement/blend may wipe out your entire endeavor. 

Do whatever it takes not to trade various stocks meanwhile: While day-trading, it is fitting not to place assets into more than 203 stocks at one time. While upgrade is essential all in all contributing, day-trading does not surrender you with the same measure of time and adaptability. Other than this, watching your stocks is moreover basic, and more than 3 stocks will be amazingly difficult to screen. 

Choose liquid (exceedingly) shares: You won’t have the ability to square off your position by the day’s end if you place assets into mid-top or minimal top shares. List based and immense top endeavors, which are significantly liquid, should be traded. 


How to earn more profit in intraday trading

                Some more very useful tips
Pre-choose your passage cost and target levels: Pre-condition your mind set to take after a particular illustration. Fix your passageway cost and moreover target levels before you buy a stock. 

Keep the volume/measure of trading uniform: It is judicious to stay with a particular sum whilst day trading. Despite the way that you may fabricate this in future, it is not sharp to change this entirety. Case in point: in case you trade five stacks of shrewd future, keep this uniform until you feel beyond any doubt to manufacture this entirety.

The whole tips will give you an insight on How to earn more profit in intraday trading 


The essence of this article is to teach you How to earn more profit in intraday trading –


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Nifty may Cross 10000 By Next Year

The upper cap of teh Nifty is flying enw heights and  Indian stock markets with both the Sensex and Nifty hitting successive record highs. So many reasons and some facts have contributed to the records. A sharp easing in inflation and the accompanying rate cut expectation, continued weakness in crude prices, economic reforms and foreign flows have contributed to gains.

Nifty may Cross 10000 By Next Year

               Do you believe that.

Global factors, especially the announcement of a massive bond buying program by the Bank of Japan, have also lifted sentiments. So it is not very difficult that to say Nifty may Cross 10000 By Next Year

Per year and all years Nifty has rallied 32 per cent, but analysts are not giving up yet. According to JM Financial, the Nifty can add another 25-30 per cent to current gains in a year’s time. And hope new heights in next year.

Nifty may Cross 10000 By Next Year

Nifty may Cross 10000 By Next Year

 Most of the technical analysis says the same as they said.

Nifty may Cross 10000 By Next Year

                 What real experts says on this statement

“We have been of the opinion that by December 2015, you could actually see the Nifty as high as levels of 10,700,” said Gautam Shah, senior vice president and technical analysts at JM Financial.

   The same time next year we do trade on 10000s… , can you believe that now..

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